Every once in a while, it’s good to look back and recount your accomplishments. Recalling what you did well gives you inspiration for what’s ahead! In that spirit, here are a just few recent projects that give us an appetite for more:

We Were Primed.

Prime Therapeutics chose Joe to create a quirky-but-lovable cast of characters for its newly launched website. From talent recruitment and styling to high-energy photoshoots and complex digital effects in post, this job proved we’re just as comfortable in the studio as we are on location.

Prime_YoungDad103COB_Shadow2 Treleven_Prime_BFF125_FNLCutout

We Shot Hot.

Speaking of locations, it’s hard to believe that last July, while Minnesota gasped for relief under a hot-and-heavy blanket of humidity, we shot a campaign for BASF featuring an open-air sunporch, a golf course and a high-end suburban patio. Joe kept his cool and made the sunlight his best ally!

Treleven_BASF_MULCHAd 13-2718-A_SPD_Dollhouse_PMP_K3.indd

We Saw Miracles.

Courage, endurance and survival – these stories deserve telling! Minnesota Monthly asked Joe to capture the spirit of indomitable souls who faced peril and prevailed.

TrelevenMiracles1_folio TR11_MNMonthlyFischPaint_DBL TR11_MnMonthly_ChineseWomanDBL_folio

We Got Sand in Our Eyes.

Joe thrives in industrial settings. Undeterred by noise, grit or moving gears, Joe will climb anything or cajole workers for access to the best angles and shots. Case in point: Joe created a wall-worthy landscape for Superior Silica Sands last August.


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