Mr. Sand Man

Superior_Silica_BronsonMa_BTS16Superior Silica Sand Project

love changing hats!  Last month, I started as a studio shooter, capturing glossy, fashion-inspired images of models for a healthcare company; then I morphed into an advertising lifestyle photographer, creating vignettes of family life for a major chemical corporation’s global campaign.  I ended wearing a hard hat, capturing gritty industrial shots for a sand mining company.

On a beautiful sunny day in August, we headed to Superior Silica Sand in Wisconsin.  With operations in Wisconsin and Texas, Superior Silica Sand is, as they explain, “one of the few frac sand suppliers able to provide a full product mix that meets the precise specifications of our customers anywhere in the country.”

As you can see from the behind-the-scenes shots here, covering the operation in a photojournalistic style required me to use every trick in my bag.  It meant switching my lenses from telephoto to wide-angle zoom, laying on the ground or climbing a high ladder for a new perspective, “seeing” the sunlight as it illuminated scenes at different angles – anything that would help me tell a more creative and compelling client story.  With an art director who has a great sense of style and composition and the help of a good assistant ready to whip in a fill scrim, I think we set up our client with an abundance of flashy shots to use in communication pieces.

Here are a few of the actual shots we snapped and processed also seen on


copyright Treleven Photography

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